Mini Portable Perfume Travel Atomizer

Perfume Atomizer

The portable perfume atomizer is perfect travel solution for
your favorite perfumes. I love the portable perfume atomizer because it allows you to take your favorite perfumes with you. Fragrance companies have really improved the quality and  look of their perfume bottles. Many have a signature style and are made of heavy glass. However, due to this, these bottles do not travel well. The use of mini portable perfume atomizers will allow you to take your favorite fragrances with you, without carting around entire bottles.

To fill the portable perfume atomizer you only need to follow, two simple steps:.

• STEP 1: Remove the cap from your existing perfume
• STEP 2: Pump the travel atomizer until desired fullness

Portable Perfume Atomizer
Travel Atomizer







The atomizer container has a clear window, which allows you to easily see how much perfume remains. The portable perfume atomizer is not only simple to use, it is very convenient to store in your purse, bag or even pocket. The design of the atomizer is sleek and small which allows for easy travel.

I found no issues with leakage and I found the portable perfume atomizer to be easy to fill. Remember, all you have to do is press the bottom of the atomizer to the top of your perfume bottle, once you remove the cap. Keep pressing until your favorite perfume fills the travel size bottle.
Thank you Feriwola for sending me this portable perfume atomizer to try. While, I was satisfied with the product, shipping fees often give me pause. With that said, the company offers a 30 day return policy and worldwide shipping. So, make the shipping cost worthwhile and purchase a few atomizers, they come in a wide array of colors and I’m sure you’ll find a use for them.

Perfume Atomizer
Perfume Atomizer

If you are interested in the portable perfume atomizer; please click on the link below:

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