Amelleon Packing Cubes Ultralight Storage/Travel Bags

Amelleon Packing Cubes

Save more space in your luggage with the Amelleon Packing Cubes or use them, the way I use them, to organize yourcrochet projects. I love these multi-use bags because they are perfect for travel and perfect for craft organization. They are light-weight and they come in an array of sizes. So whether I’m packing or storing, the Amelleon Packing Cubes are excellent.

The Amelleon Packing Cubes comes in a set of 6 ultralight bags:

Amelleon Packing Cubes
Amelleon Packing Cubes Set of 6

1 Ultra-large packing cube: 18.1″x13″x4.7″

– 2 Large packing cubes: 13.8″x10.6″x3.9″

– 1 Medium packing cube: 11.8″x7.9″x3.2″

– a shoes bag: 13″x9.1″x4.7″

– 1 laundry bag: 20.9″x15.

I use the large and medium bags for my crochet projects such as scarves, cardigans, small baby blankets. The small bag is used for miscellaneous items or smaller projects such as dishcloths and socks. When they are not in use for my crafting projects. My husband loves to carry them with him when he travels. The laundry bag is an excellent addition to this set as this is often times, a forgotten necessity when travelling. He using the shoe bag for his random computer supplies i.e. chargers, surge protector or for anything that has an awkward packing size. The small bags is perfect for his toiletries and hotel room snacks. The Amelleon Ultra-light Packing Cubes really are a perfect set.

Amelleon Packing Cubes
Set of Multi-use Travel/Storage Bags

The mesh front is also a great addition to the design of these bags because it allows you to see exactly what you have packed or stored away. Whenever these little cubes are not in use (which is almost never) they’re nestle together for easy storage.  The nestled bundle is placed inside our luggage until they are ready to be used again.

Many Uses

There are so many uses for these storage cubes. They are even perfect for the whole family, because they come in an array of colors. It makes it easy for everyone to organize their own stuff in the different packing cubes. Not to mention, they are great for beach outings, sporting events, or overnight stays, the Amelleon Packing Cubes are the perfect addition for a traveler or a crafter, such as myself.


Thank you Amelleon for sending me these little bags to try. If you are interested in the Amelleon set of 6 large capacity ultralight Packing Cubes, multi-color Travel Organizer, with laundry bag and shoes bag; please click on the link below:


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