Innx Slipcovers Made of Quilted Microfiber Suede Couch Cover

Here’s a simple share…this is nothing new but I think it’s a cool way to keepyour couches clean. The Innx Slipcover, for me, is especially useful during the summer months, when my kiddos are home, the most. It’s an easy way to keep my couch clean when then plop around snacking and relaxing. I do not have any pets but this quilted cover can also be a great way to keep pet hair and such off your couches. In addition, I imagine it can help with animal claws and other unexpected marks.

The Innx Slipcover

comes in three sizes, large chair 23”x74”, loveseat 47”x74” and sofa- 69”x 74”.  The slip cover has arm rests to provide full protection of your couch. The Innx sofa protector is designed to stay in place. However, I found that it moves around a bit maybe because my couch is a little oversized. Nevertheless, this slipcover is better than a simple sheet because it covers the cushion, back section and the arm rests. In addition, it’s perfect for spills and accidents because it is machine washable.

Well there’s not that much more I can say about a couch cover, it can protect  your loveseat,  large sofa chair and sofa. I didn’t use the adjustable strips, since this is just a temporary cover for me but it come with adjustable straps which I imagine will help it stay in place better. The cover is idea for people with children, pets or if you just need to give your couch and new look.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, easy solution to protect you couch then give the Innx Slipcover a try.

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