Riwbox Bluetooth Wireless Headphones- XBT-780

Riwbox XBT-780 professional headphones

Another sharing is caring find. Riwbox has this wireless bluetooth headphone that has proven to be a pretty nice pair of headphones. The Riwbox Bluetooth Headphones come in two color choices, solid black and white/gold. The Riwbox Wireless Headphones can easily be connected to your devices and it can be paired with up to two devices at the same time. I enjoy using these headphones with my Kindle, while listening to audiobooks and with my cellphone.

Riwbox XBT-780 professional headphones

The Riwbox XBT-780 professional headphones come with a USB Cable, a connection cord, which allows you to talk on your phone and a nice carrying case. The cord has a volume button, a HD Microphone, a call answer button and a song advancement button. The only problem I have had was occasionally the sound would go fluctuate randomly, while listening to my audio books. However, the range between my devices and the wireless headphones is really good. The wireless headphones sit over the ear and are well cushioned, with a memory foam, that is not only comfortable but also helps to provide a sound cancelling effect.

 Riwbox XBT-780 professional headphones
Riwbox XBT-780 professional headphones

Honestly, one of my favorite features is the gold trim detailing on the white headphones. They add a bit of flair and style to the headphones. My husband thinks the white with gold trim is a little too feminine for his taste. So, if you like simplicity I would suggest the black pair.
Aside from the style, the Riwbox wireless headphones have an overall comfortable feel. Although they are not the lightest headphones I enjoy using them while I’m working or when I’m trying to block out distractions while listening to a good audio book.




The Riwbox Wireless Headphones look way more expensive than they are and they have proven to be a good device, especially for the price. If you are interested in checking out the Riwbox XBT-780 Wireless Headphones, check out the link below:

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