Pin Jian Exercise Bands

Pin Jian Exercise Bands

Resistance bands are an excellent way to introduce strength training into your workout routine. Pin Jian Exercise Bands comes in a 12 and 20 piece set that can be a great addition to your home workout sessions. The Pin Jian exercise bands are made of rubber latex and the accessories, that are included with the set, allow for a lot of different exercises.

The portability of these bands is another bonus. Each set comes with a drawstring carrying bag. You can work out whenever or wherever and if you have a door, you can really vary your workout sessions. I received the 12 piece set, from Pin Jian to try and we, my entire family have enjoyed using them.

Pin Jian Exercise bands Includes:

5 Resistance Bands- 10lb (Yellow Band) 15lb (Green Band), 20lb (Red Band), 25lb (Blue Band), 30lb (Black Band). Each resistant band allows for different workout levels, The varying resistance levels allows for versatility in your workout. The 12 piece set also includes a chest expander, two hand grips, a door anchor and 2 ankle straps.

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My husband often times combines the bands to increase the intensity. You customize the intensity level/resistance up to 200lbs. This is an awesome way to customize your upper and lower body workout. I have a gym membership but these bands are an awesome way to workout in the comfort of your home. On a cold or rainy day, when you just do not want to leave the house; the Pin Jian Exercise bands leave you with no room to make excuses.

Exercise Band Picture
Exercise Band

Each band measures 53”, using the door anchor you’ll find that you can have a really effective workout.


6 Easy Steps- Getting Started with your Exercise Bands

1:  Place door anchor over a door. The door anchor looks like a wheel.
2:  Close the door (it’s a good idea to lock the door, especially if you have little people or other people in the house with you because you definitely do not want someone to open the door while you are working out.)
3:  Place the resistance band through the loop of the door anchor
4:  Attach the hand grips to the resistance band
5:  Tug the bands to ensure steps 1-4 are completed correctly
6:  Enjoy your workout.

Check out the link below, if you are interested in these little workout friends,


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