About Me

Hello! I’m Felicia also known as AhSel Anne on Youtube.

I am a proud mother and wife who has a passion for learning, creating and sharing. Creating and Blogging is a wonderful combination and is the essence of AhSel Anne.












Many people have asked me where the name AhSel Anne came from, well it’s a play on my nickname, Lesha, and my middle name. It’s also another way for me to be creative. I’ve always had a passion for learning different crafts such as crocheting, knitting, sewing, and quilting; DIY could have been my middle name. I have two little ones who, on occasion, make appearances in my videos and posts. They still love mommy’s projects and they love to help when they can. This website/blog became the space where I could get organized. It has allowed me to keep all my crafting projects and ideas in one place and it’s also a space for me to receive timely feedback and tips on making my next projects even better.

My Youtube Channel has allowed me to stay knowledgeable on all my latest ideas. The tutorials provide great instructional refreshers for me and those who want to learn what I have learned. So what started out as an adventure in organization, has turned into over 1 millions views and a host of supporters, in a very short period of time.  I love learning and creating and as I continue to learn new things, I’ll continue to post and share because I believe, ‘Sharing is Caring’.


My next goal is to embark on a healthy lifestyle journey. Fitness and health are important parts of living your best life and I want to be sure to keep myself and my family accountable for the way we live. In addition to creating, I enjoy reading, volunteering and fun game nights with family and friends.

Thank you for stopping by. Please be sure to check out my creations, blog entries and tutorials.I would love to hear from you. Contact me at AhSelanne@gmail.com

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