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Hello! Welcome to my website. I’m Felicia, the creator behind AhselAnne. I love all things DIY but crocheting, and teaching others to crochet (more specifically) are my favorite past times. I also enjoy gardening, reading, and hanging out with my family. I’m so glad you came across my website.

I have divided my website into sections to help navigate around. So as you now know, my main goal is Crocheting and Teaching Others to Crochet! I believe sharing is caring. I know, I know, it’s a clique catchphrase but I do believe if you care about something or someone, you share your knowledge.

Hello and Welcome!

Learn a little bit about me and what makes me want to crochet and teach others to crochet! I share some of my favorite items to create my website, my crochet projects, and my videos on YouTube.


(Crocheting and Teaching Others to Crochet)

This section deals with all things crochet from patterns, tutorials, and different techniques. I try to have free written patterns, as well as, video tutorials.  This section is always growing so make sure you subscribe to my page and come back often to see the updated information.

Crocheting and Teaching Others to Crochet

 Sharing is Caring

This is a slice of my website that includes other areas of interest. Do-it-yourself projects,  home renovations, gardening tips. As you see this area doesn’t necessarily deal with crochet items.

In this little corner of AhselAnne, I’ll also have blog articles here. Round-Ups Post, Product Spotlights, and eventually,  guest contributors.

Blogs to Income

Turn your passion or your hobby into cash. This area of my site shows you how to start a blog, and some steps to get you moving, once the blog is established. I’ll show you things I’ve learned to help you navigate turning your passion into an income stream.

You can navigate to these areas by clicking on the menu in the center of the page or clicking on the above links.






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