What I Love Using- Sharing is Caring

So many times people ask me what I use to create my crochet projects, and what I use to create my videos. Some have even asked what my workspace looks like. Soooo… since I strongly believe that sharing is caring I’ll list and link what I love using, my favorite products, materials to work with, and any special tools that I used to create my crochet projects.

Let’s start with my favorite crochet hooks:

I love Susan Bates crochet hooks, some of Susan Bate’s hooks have a little point at the tip, which makes it easy to go through tighter stitches.  I like both the metal and the plastic version. Click on the image below for a close-up look.

I also like the clover hooks but I will admit if purchased as a set it can be a little investment. I just pick one up every time I see them on sale. I’ve been able to grow my set to almost completion.

Favorite Yarn

Oh, this is a tough one because I love so many different types of yarn like LionBrand,  Loops and Threads, Vanna’s’ Choice, and even some Red Heart, but I really enjoy working with Bernat Blanket Yarn.  I use this yarn for almost all my blankets. It’s thick and cozy and it really is my go-to favorite.

Here are a few of my favorite novelty items:

Favorite Scissors

Favorite Tape Measurer

Stitch Marker

Filming Equipment

Often times I use my iPad and a tripod to film. The iPad is also perfect for on-the-go filming.

But I also use my Canon camera sometimes. I used this a lot when I first started recording. However, I recently purchased a new camera. I’m still on a learning curve but I do like the camera. It’s the Sony ZV-1F.  I still use my iPad and iPhone too, they work really well with the iMovie editing software.

iPhone- I used my iPhone sometimes for in-store or on-the-go filming.


So I’ve been using the same microphone for a while now But once I save enough I will be upgrading to the Yeti Microphone.  The Yeti microphone has been awesome reviews and hopefully soon, I will make the small investment in order to kick my tutorials up a notch.




I don’t use anything special for lighting. I find that natural daylight is the best. However, if I’m working late into the evening and I still need to film or photograph a project. I replaced my overhead lights with daylight bulbs.

Editing Software


I used to use a software called Filmora Wondershare for many, many years, prior to getting my Macbook Air, so while Filmora it’s not my favorite editing software. It worked great and it allowed me to move forward with my passion for learning, creating, and sharing. Wondershare was very useful in editing my video when I first started my Youtube channel.

Web Hosting:

InMotion Hosting

Website Platform:



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