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crochet scarf

Check out this scarfie crochet scarf I created with using the Lion’s Brand Scarfie yarn. Scarfie is a soft yarn, created by Lion’s brand that is design to create a full length scarf with one skein of yarn. The yarn I used is called mint/silver and it was designed to create an ombre effect, by gradual changing the color from mint green to a silvery gray.

This is a beginner pattern that uses one stitch throughout the entire project. I’ve altered the pattern slightly using the Half Double Crochet Stitch instead of the Single Crochet stitch. There is a video tutorial attached to see my version but I will provide a link back to the lion’s brand website of additional pictures from their printable pattern:

Image of Scarf
Image of Scarf








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What You Will Need:
• Yarn: Scarfie Yarn Lion’s Brand
• Hook: 6mm Crochet Hook

Ch: Chain
HDC- Half Double Crochet stitch
Tw- Turn Work
Written Instructions

Ch 23
1) Row 1: HDC in 3rd ch from hook and in each stitch across
2) Row 2: Ch 2, tw, hdc in each stitch across.
3) Row 3 until end: Repeat Row 2 until you reach the end of the skein.
Fasten off.
FINISHING Weave in yarn ends

Crochet Scarfie
Crochet Scarfie








Check out the video Tutorial:

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