Average Hat Size Chart

Hat Size Chart
Quick reference guide for creating hats

This is an Average Hat Size Chart. There are a few items to keep in mind. Subtract 2 inches from the head size measurement to get the correct hat size. If the head size measures to be 12 inches then your hat size would need to be approx. 10 inches.

As with many crochet projects, this chart is just a guideline as there are many factors that can contribute to determining the correct size. Such as type of yarn, hook size used, tightness in your stitch work.

The acrylic yarn has more of a stretch than cotton yarn. So keep in mind when working with cotton yarn you may need to subtract one inch from your head measurement to take into account the lack of stretch. For example, if you measure 12 inches for your head size you will need to create 11 inches for the hat.

Hat Size Chart
Hat Size Chart















As with many of my projects, creating a crochet beanie, a hat can be done in many different ways. Learning how to crochet should be a relaxing process but it can take time to develop a technique that works best for you.

Messy Bun Crochet Hat

My goal is to show you how to create beautiful crochet projects from a beginner’s perspective.

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