Crochet Swimsuit Cover-Up

Crochet Cover-Up


Creating a Crochet Swimsuit Cover-up or Tunic can be done in several different ways. Learning how to crochet is a fun process but it takes time to develop a technique that works for you. My goal is to show you how to create beautiful crochet projects from a beginner’s perspective. Simplifying the process so you can fall in love with the art of crocheting and later learn more complicated techniques, as you get better. This tutorial/pattern will allow you to create a swimsuit cover-up using basic crochet stitches. It is for the beginner/advanced beginner.

Crochet Cover Up
Crochet Cover Up











This pattern is written in basic terms, overall. There is a key provided, to help with any abbreviations. There have been Notes placed throughout the pattern to provide additional help. Along with a few pictures, there is also attached an instructional video.

Materials Needed for the Crochet Swimsuit Cover-Up


This Crochet Swimsuit Cover was created for a person that is 5’5” with Large/X-Large body size. Instructions have been written for a Large/XL. Swimsuit cover-up to be fitted with a bit of a slouch

The cover-up pictured is approx.. 21” in Width (L/XL) and 31” Long

The project can be customized to fit all sizes.

To Adjust Size- Crochet Swimsuit Cover-up 

Measure from shoulder to shoulder to determine the width. Create the back panel with a foundation chain a few inches longer.

When you work on the front panel follow the instruction as written for the front panel.

The below size chart is an approximation:

Small/Medium- 19”

Large/XL- 21



Golden Crochet Cardigan


Keep in mind, measure yourself (shoulder to shoulder) for the width and then chain enough to cover the distance, plus a few more. If you are making for someone else use the above measurements as a template.  Determine the length and continue the pattern until the desired length is obtained.

Written Instructions- Crochet Swimsuit Cover-up


Make a slip knot. Tighten around the hook.

Ch 80 (Be sure to not pull your yarn too tight around your hook or it will be difficult to work the stitches in the foundation chain).

Note: The foundation chain, number of stitches will vary based on your measurements. Create your foundation chain with your personal measurements in mind

1) Row 1 – sc into next stitch from the hook. sc down the row ch 1 tw

2) Row 2:  Repeat Row 1, ch 1tw

3) Row 3:  sc into next stitch from the hook. sc down the row ch 5 tw (ch 5 serve as the 1st dc of the next row)

4) Row 4: dc into 2nd stitch, ch 2, skip 2, dc 2(place 2 dc into next 2 stitches). Repeat pattern down the row. (ch 2, skip 2, dc 2, ch 2 skip 2 dc 2) end of the row ch 2 dc into last stitch, ch 5 tw

NOTE: Stitches should stack on top of each other from row to row. I ended with a double crochet stitch on each row followed by chain 5.
Crochet Cover-Up Stitch Pattern
Crochet Cover-Up Stitch Pattern









Crochet Cover-Up Stitch Pattern
Crochet Cover-Up Stitch Pattern








5) Row 5:  Repeat row 4- dc into 2nd stitch, ch 2, skip 2, dc 2(place 2 dc into next 2 stitches). Repeat the pattern down the row. (ch 2, skip 2 dc 2, ch 2 skip 2 dc 2) end of the row ch 2 dc into the last stitch, ch 5 tw dc 2, ch 2, skip 2, dc 2 repeat till the end of the row.

Should end with a dc stitch, ch 5 tw (row 5 should stack up on row 4)

6) Row 6 – until Desired Length:  Repeat row 4, at the end of the final row (once desired length has been achieved) ch 1 tw, sc into next stitch from the hook. sc down the row ch 1 tw.

Final Row (Will vary based on the length of your garment)-: sc into the next stitch from the hook. sc down the row at the end of the row, finish off, and weave in the yarn.


Once first panel has been completed. Repeat the steps for the front panel to create the back panel. (These panels should be identical).


Lay the panels on top of each, making sure the stitches and length line up.

Collar/Neck Area

To determine the neck area measure across the top of your panel and divide this number by 4.

For example, if the panel measure 32” across, divide 32/4= 8”.

Measure along the top from the left corner, 8” place your stitch marker at the 8” mark. Then repeat this same thing, measuring for the right 8”. This area will be the shoulder area, the remaining 16” would be the neck area.

Sew along the top of the panel leaving a space for the head.

Crochet cover-up Shoulder
Crochet cover-up Shoulder









Swimsuit cover-up designed to be slouchy (hang off the shoulder). Create a shorter neck area, if you want a more fitted cover-up. Moving both shoulder stitch markers towards the center (this will lengthen the shoulders area and shorten the neck area).

Sewed Together Crochet Cover-up










Establish the arm area of the garment by measuring from the top to approximately 7” down (on both the right and left sides of the panel). Place stitch marker.

Sew the panels together, leaving a space for the arms 7” from the top of the garment.

Optional: Around the arm openings create a row of single crochet stitches to allow the project to look more seamless and finished.

Arm Area Single Crochet
Arm Area Single Crochet Stitch











Weave in any loose yarn and enjoy.

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Check out the below video to help with a visual construction of a crochet cover up:



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5 thoughts on “Crochet Swimsuit Cover-Up

  1. What a beautiful cover up and the pattern looks so easy and your instructions are great! Looking to make this for my 10 year old average sized Grand Daughter. Can you give me your thoughts on the size of the foundation chain either in inches or how many chains. I’m using Bernat softee cotton and its a size 3. Will be using a size 6mm hook. Thank you dear, I do appreciate your guidance. Tammy

    1. Hi Tammy, I’m not sure as I made this one for me and I’m quite a bit larger 😉 . However, if you can get her measurement from shoulder to shoulder, you can make a foundation chain to this width and this should provide a good start for your project. I wish I could provide more insight. A small size is approximately 19″ .

  2. Love this pattern. Hoping to complete 1 before my beach trip in two weeks. Approximately how much yarn did you use for this project? I’m trying to figure if I have enough or if I have to buy more.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Sorry for the delay in responding. I used 6 1/2 skeins of Vanna’s Choice Yarn approx 1100 yards. Each skein was 100g 3.5oz, 170 yards. Thanks for reaching out, have a wonderful beach trip.

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