Easy Crochet Scarf- Beginner Friendly

Easy Crochet Scarf

Check out this easy crochet scarf- beginner friendly using…

Wool Ease, Thick and Quick yarn. I’ve created a tutorial that I hope is helpful. The size can be customize depending on your height and the width you would like your scarf.

Beginner Scarf
Easy Scarf using Wool Ease Yarn

Check out another one of my video tutorials:

What You Will Need:



Written Instructions
  1. Using the Wool Ease yarn make a slip knot.  Tighten around the hook.
  2. Chain 9 (this will be the width of your scarf). Be sure not to pull your yarn too tight around your hook or it will be difficult to work the stiches in the foundation chain.
  3. Rows 2 – Ch 2 and place a Half Double Crochet (hdc) in 3rd chain from hook and repeat the hdc in each stich of the foundation chain. Again, remember to not pull too tight or your chain will difficult to work in.
  4. At the end of the row, chain (Ch) 2 and turn your work.
  5. Row 3- to the desire length of your scarf- HDC in 2nd stitch, remember to skip the first chain from the hook, continue in each stitch.  Be sure to complete a hdc in the last turning chain stitch.
  6. Continue this process until you reach the end of your first skein. (Once your yarn runs out, tie the end of the yarn with the beginning of the new skein of yarn) and continue.
  7. This project only uses 2 skein of yarn (but can vary based on size of your hook and foundation chain)
  8. Weave in all the ends very well

Care Instructions:

Wool Ease- Quick and Thick yarn is a wool blend using acrylic.  Machine washable, Warm , Do not bleach, Tumble dry normal, Do not iron.

This scarf works up very quickly, it was completed in 2-3 hours. The yarn was  purchased  from Wal-Mart but it can also be purchased from Joanne’s Fabric or Michael’s. I hope you enjoy making this scarf as much as I did.



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