Blanket Size Charts

Blanket Size Chart

I often get asked, what size should I make a baby blanket or what size should I make a throw. So I decide to compile a list of the sizes, in two blanket size charts, that you may find helpful when completing different blanket projects.

Making blankets are some of my favorite projects to create. The act of giving blankets, as gifts, has to be one of the most rewarding feelings ever. To know you work hard on something and then have the ability to share with someone, is an amazing gift. Learning, Creating and Sharing, it’s what Ahsel Anne is all about.

Often times a project can be customized by easily changing the foundation chain or the number of rows you create. Changing the foundation chain can affect the width of your project and changing the number of rows, often times can the length of your project.


I have made many baby blankets.  Some of these blankets have survived from baby cribs, to toddler beds and beyond. Just imagine my surprise when one my friends share a picture with me of her teenager still cuddled up in the blanket I made for them at birth, such a heartwarming moment.  Honestly, I still have the blanket someone made for my daughter.

Baby Blanket Sizes
Baby Blanket Sizes

I’ve been toying with the idea of making a scrape blanket, but to be honest, I think my self-diagnosed OCD would have a field day, with all the random yarn textures and colors. If I decide to create one  I will definitely share with ya’ll.

Be sure to let me know if I’ve left anything out. I love to have everything in one location.

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  1. Good day.. Your Full size blanket is listed as 30 x 36 inches on the pink chart…. I think it needs to be fixed.
    Thank you.

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