Crochet Zippered Bag

Crochet Zipper Bag

You want to make a cute little crocheted zippered bag or pouch. Well, let’s discuss this easily constructed bag. This project can be completely customize. You determine the width of the bag by the size of the zipper you want to use. A 7” zipper will make a bag that is approx. 7” wide.

This project is relatively easy but you will need to be comfortable with making a single crochet stitch with a smaller crochet hook. Also, a sewing machine is not necessary but if you have any seamstress skills, then that would move the project along a little quicker.

The overall project is easy to construct but I want to give you a few pointers that will make your crocheted zipper make-up bag even better.

Material Needed for Crochet Zippered bag:

• Yarn Suggestion- 1 skein of Red Heart 4 worsted weight yarn (I used Red Heart- Icelandic )
• Hook- 5.0mm
• Zipper- 7” ( choose your desired size)
• Sewing Needle
• Yarn Needle
• Heavy duty thread
• Scissors

SC- Single Crochet
SL ST- Slip Stich

Written Instruction :

Creating the Crochet Zippered Bag (The Crochet Section)

These instruction are for a small make up bag, measuring approx..  7 ½” x 4 ½”. You can vary the size by changing the zipper size and the number of rows you create.

1. Determine the size of the bag by either measuring your zipper or looking at the package

Remember- the size of the zipper will determine the width of you bag.

2. Using Red heart yarn make a slip knot

3.  Create a CH 28 (measure to ensure it’s 1-2 inches longer than your zipper.

Remember- Be sure to not pull your yarn too tight around your hook or it will be difficult to work the stiches in the foundation chain.

4. Row 1- place SC stitches down the foundation chain until you get to the end of the row

5.  Row 2 -CH 1 turn your work place SC across (stitch down the row making sure to you place the same number of stitches into each row).

Repeat Row 2 until you get the desired length of you project (when folded in half)

Crochet Fabric
Example of Crochet Fabric








6. SL ST, fasten off

Adding the Liner and Zipper
Crochet Liner and Zipper
Crochet Liner and Zipper









Once you have completed the crocheted portion of the pouch you can just add the zipper but if you want to add a liner following the additional steps below:

1. Measure and the cut the liner to the size 1” smaller than your crochet fabric ( the fabric you created using the above instructions)
2. Place the OPEN zipper along the top of the pouch facing DOWN
3. Lay the pre-cut fabric, with the right side facing up (this is the side you want to see when the bag is unzipped) over the zipper
NOTE: The zipper should be housed between the crochet fabric and the liner
NOTE: Make sure the zipper sits just above the fabric
4. Using a sewing needle and heavy thread sew through the liner, zipper edging and crochet fabric.
NOTE: I used a little bit of hot glue to lay between the fabric and the liner to ensure it did not move while I sewed it down. This is an optional step

Check out one of my Previous Videos:

5. Use short stitches, preferably with string that matches your yarn and liner to help mask the sewing.
6. Using a piece of yarn and a yarn needle sew the edges of the crochet project together, along the sides.

NOTE: I found it easier to sew on the zipper first and then sew down the edges

zipper bag
zipper bag





For a Visual of the Crochet Zippered Bag, Please see the Video Below:

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