Crochet Boot Cuffs

Boot Cuffs

Crochet Boot Cuffs are an amazing way to fight the cold weather while remaining stylish.  This crochet creation is an easy project using the single crochet stitch and a sewed on button for embellishment.

This crochet boot cuff pattern is easily adjustable to fit different sizes.  Boot cuffs are an easy way to bring life to a pair of your favorite casual boots.  Although it does not get super cold wear I’m from, I still love wearing my boot cuffs with comfy stretch pants and an oversize sweater.

Boot Cuff
Boot Cuff







This video will show you how to make a stylish crochet boot cuffs. This is a simple project that works up quickly using a single crochet stitch. This is a beginner-friendly project that can be easy customize to fit Any Size. Add a button embellishment to take your style up a notch.

Materials Needed for Crochet Boot Cuffs:


ch- Chain
sc- Single Crochet
sl st- Slip Stich

  • This is a standard size boot cuff that can be easily adjusted (Size: Medium/Large); Easily Adjustable.
  • Once you complete your foundation chain you want to be sure the chain can be wrapped around your cuff with ease. The chain should be snugged, as the yarn will have some stretch once the cuff is completed.
  • Each round is joined to the top part of the first stitch with a slip stitch.
  • Work through both loops
  • The cuff will work up like a swirl; however at the end of each round you can ch 1 stitch and then work around to have better defined rounds.

Written Instruction:

Creating Crochet Boot Cuffs:

  1. Determine the size of calf- This is for a Med/Large calf
  2. CH 28* – join with a sl st to the first sc to complete the round. (Make sure you keep the chain straight, the flat side of the chain should be facing out)
  3. Round 2- Ch 1, sc in each stitch around, sl st to complete the round; repeat
  4. Round 3 -Ch 1, sc in each stitch around, sl st to complete the round; repeat
  5. Round 4 -Ch 1, sc in each stitch around, sl st to complete the round; repeat
  6. Round 5 -Ch 1, sc in each stitch around sl st to complete the round; repeat
  7. Round 6 – Ch 1, sc in each stitch around, sl st to complete the round; repeat
  8. Continue rounds until Cuff Measure 5” or until you reach your desired height.
  9. To finish slip stitch twice to start a small decrease.
  10. Flip cuff inside out
  11. Weave in the ends

*Remember the chain amount will vary based on the size of the calf,

Crochet Boot Cuffs
Crochet Boot Cuffs







Using yarn needle attach the buttons, with the using the yarn, to add embellishment to cuff

Check out the Video Below for Tutorial!!!







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