Chain Stitch Infinity Scarf

Chain Stitch Infinity Scarf

Are you new to crocheting? Do you want to make something but do not know where start. Well, the chain stitch infinity scarf is a perfect place to begin your love for crocheting.

You literally complete one stitch over and over and over again; tie a cute little knot and wah-la; you have yourself your first wearable crocheted creation. I love this project for beginners because it will teach you how to control your tension, how to create a foundation chain and it will get you to use to using a crochet hook.

The crochet infinity scarf works up really quickly; it’s perfect for you or as a gift for a friend.

Chain Stitch Infinity Scarf wrapped
Chain Stitch Infinity Scarf wrapped







Materials needed for Crochet Infinity Scarf:
-Yarn: Chucky Yarn or 2 strands of medium weight yarn (used together)
-Hook: 15mm or Larger
Large Button
Yarn Needle

Ch: Chain
Sc- Single Crochet
Fo-finish off



Pattern for Chain Stitch Infinity Scarf


  • The more times the chain can wrap around, the chunky your scarf will be.
  • The scarf pictured was approx. 20” long after being wrapped.
  • It can serve as a scarf and when doubled as a cowl
  1. Create a slip knot
  2. Create long-chain approx. 140” (The chain should be long enough to wrap around your arm at least 6-7 times)
  3. FO leaving a tail of approx. 12” to help form the knot.
  4. Lay chain on a flat surface or use your arm to create 6-7 loops approx. 20” long.
  5. Gather the scarfs (the loops), in the area where the beginning and end meet (Arrange the loops where the beginning and the end are around the same spot)
  6. Using the tail, wrap it around the gathered area to begin securing the chain scarf together
Creating the Knot Section (Chain):
  1. Create a slip knot
  2. Create long-chain approx. 12” (The chain should be long enough to wrap the closure section, of the scarf)  
  3. Wrap the ‘knot section chain’ over the area wrapped with the tail from step 6. (This creates the final look of the scarf).
Infinity scarf
Infinity scarf







Sew Button to knot area for additional embellishment

Check out the Video:

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