Crochet Tank Top Measure Chart

Crochet Tank Top Measure Chart

You can find the Crochet Tank Top| Shirt Measure Chart below.

This is a Crochet Tank Top Measure Chart for creating crochet tank tops or crochet shirts.

When deciding to create a crochet tank top, you’ll need to determine your chest size, by measuring the fullest part of your chest.

1. Chest/Bust – Measure around the fullest part of the chest/bust. Do not draw the measuring tape too tightly.

Crochet Tank Top Measure Chart
1. Measure Around the Chest 2. This can help determine the should strap.


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Crochet Tank Top Measure Chart

Head Band Measuring Chart


Head Band Measuring Chart


As with many crochet projects, this chart is just a guideline as there are many factors that can contribute to determining the correct size. Such as type of yarn, hook size used, tightness in your stitch work.

Now that you know how to determine your size

Check out the below video: Creating a Crochet Tank Top

This is a beginner-friendly crochet project that can be easily customized to fit any size. Using the measurement chart above, determine your chest size and you can start the foundation chain to the length of the pre-determined measurement.  Work the project as instructed in the video tutorial or check out the written pattern here.

Just a note: The acrylic yarn has more of a stretch than cotton yarn. So keep in mind when working with cotton yarn you may need to subtract one inch from your head measurement to take into account the lack of stretch. For example, if you measure 12 inches for your head size you will need to create 11 inches for the hat. This again is an approximation. If you are making the project for yourself you can create the foundation chain and place it around your head. Making sure it is not to tight around your head.


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