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The Dish or That Crochet Cloth is the gift that keeps on giving. This easy to create design is quick to complete and can be paired nicely with a softly scented candle or refreshing shower gel or soap. While I think the crochet cloths are perfect for leaving your dishes shiny they work equally well for your hinny.   I used the 100% Cotton Yarn, Dishie from WeCrochet.

This pattern uses a few different stitches; the single, the half-double, the double crochet post, and the v-stitch. It’s a beginner pattern but it can be easily worked. When finished you should have your dish or that crochet cloth.

This project was sponsored by WeCrochet/Knitpicks as part of Winter Blog Hop. Yarn was provided for the design. The post contains affiliate links, and is at no additional cost to you, please see my disclosure for full details.


Type of Yarn:
Dishie- WeCrochet.

Yarn Characteristics:
Worsted weight 100% cotton yarn with a tight spin and high absorbency. 190 yards, per skein.

Fiesta Red.

Yarn Needed:
1 skein of each color. (2 skeins will create 3-4 crochet clothes)

Click here or on the image below to see all the wonderful colorways that WeCrochet has to offer!


You’ll need multiple colors of yarn, Approx. 300 yards to make this Holly Angel Crochet Holiday Decor.


Crochet Angel -Holiday Decor

2 skeins of Dishie 100% Cotton Yard
A-Fiesta, B-Jalapeno, or Any Two Colors

Crochet Hook 4.00mm- Furl Odyssey

B2G1 Free Cafe and Cream Swirls

Yarn Needle
Stitch Markers (Optional)


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Skill Level

For a better understanding of skill, learning Click Here. You’ll be led to the Craft Yarn Council for a deeper dive into skill levels.

This is a project for the advanced beginner. If you are new to crocheting you need to be comfortable completing a single crochet (sc), half-double crochet (hdc) double crochet stitch (dc), and a v-stitch (vs).

Note: This pattern is written in U.S. terms and there is a key provided, to help with any abbreviations. Also, there have been Notes placed throughout the pattern to provide additional help. There are a few pictures and instructional videos, that have tips on the different stitches used, The videos can be found on my YouTube -AhselAnne.


The gauge may vary based on your crochet style. It’s not a necessary part of this pattern to keep a specific gauge

Finished Measurement

Width Approx. 6.5”/16.5cm
Height 6”/15cm

Abbreviations (US Terms)

ch- chain
dc- double crochet
hdc- half double crochet
sc- single crochet
st(s)- stitches
sp- space
sl st- slip stitch
tw- turn work
vs- v-stitch
yo- yarn over



Special Stitches


The V-Stitch (vs) is used in this project to create a couple of rows of the crochet cloth.

The v-stitch (vs) is created by crocheting a dc, ch 1, followed by another dc, in the same stitch. [dc, ch 1, dc], this pattern will be followed by skipping 2 stitches. Then the vs pattern repeats.

This project uses 2 colors, to create a stripe. You will need to change the yarn color throughout the pattern.

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Ch 28 (25+3)

R1: sc, into the 3rd stitch, sc, each stitch across (26); ch2; tw.

R2: sc, each stitch across (26); tw.

Change Color (Jalapeno)

R3: ch3 (the ch3 will count as dc); sk 2, vs (dc, ch 1, dc);
[*sk 2, vs], repeat [*] end with dc; (8vs).

R4: sc, each stitch across (26); ch2; tw.

Change Color (Fiesta Red)

R5: sc, each stitch across (26); ch2; tw.

R6: sc, each stitch across (26); ch2; tw.

R7: sc, each stitch across (26); ch2; tw.

Change Color (Jalapeno)

R8-R16: hdc, each stitch across (26); ch2; tw.

Change Color (Fiesta Red)

R17-R19: sc, each stitch across (26); ch2; tw.

Change Color (Jalapeno)

R20: sc, each stitch across (26); ch2; tw.

R21: ch3 (the ch3 will count as dc); sk 2, vs (dc, ch 1, dc);
[*sk 2, vs], repeat [*] end with dc; (8vs).

Change Color (Fiesta Red)

R22-R23: sc, each stitch across (26); ch2; tw.

Finish Off, Weave in all loose ends

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