Mason Jar Crochet Covers

Mason Jar Crochet Covers- Perfect  Addition to a Handmade Gift

Mason Jars are classic and versatile. They are perfect for preserving fresh food, storing small items, or creating thoughtful gifts. Creating Crochet Mason Jar Covers is a perfect addition to any DIY gift. Scroll down and I’ll share with you my easy-to-follow pattern. There is also a video tutorial available to help.

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Type of Yarn:

Big Twist
Sugar & Cream
Peaches & Cream

Cotton Yarn

Yarn Characteristics:

Cotton yarn is absorbent and will hold up well with this project. It’s durable, machine washable and dryable.

100% Cotton or Cotton Blend 85%

Any color will work.

Cotton Yarn or Cotton Yarn Blends come in an array of colors; perfect for customizing thoughtful gifts. It is a great choice for the Dish Cloths and these Mason Jar Covers.

Yarn Substitution

Any 4-weight yarn would work for this project.

YARNSUB.COM is a resource to find substitutions for yarn.



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A video tutorial is available for this pattern; scroll down to see the tutorial.


Skill Level

For a better understanding of skills, and learning Click Here. You’ll be led to the Craft Yarn Council for a deeper dive into skill levels.


This is a project for the advanced beginner. If you are new to crocheting you need to be comfortable completing a single crochet, double crochet, and working in a round.

Magic Circle- Check out this video Tutorial: Click Here

Adding Elastic Band- Check ou this video Tutorial: Click Here


• This pattern is written in US terms and there is a key provided, to help with any abbreviations.
• Additional NOTES are placed throughout the pattern, for additional tips and instructions.
• There are hyperlinks included, within this pattern. If viewing, on an electronic device, you can click on the link(s), and you will be taken to the products used and helpful instructional video(s).
• Beginning chain counts as a stitch, in the overall stitch counts; unless Noted in Pattern.
• Increase rounds are necessary to complete this pattern.
• [ ] denotes the stitch count at the end of the row.
• *_* Denotes repeat sequence- Example: *2hdc, 1 hdc* – 2hdc followed by 1 hdc repeats throughout the round.



Approx 100 yards, 4-weight cotton yarn or cotton yarn blend


Elastic- round

Stitch Markers

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


Finished Measurement

The finished product measured approx. size 3” Regular mouth jars or 3.5” for Wide mouth Mason Jars.

Not necessary to complete this project

English (US) Terms

ch(s)– chain(s)
dc- double crochet
round– Rnd
sc– single crochet
sl st- slip stitch
st(s)- stitch(es)
2dc– place 2 double crochet stitches into the ‘same’ stitch
3dc– place 3 double crochet stitches into the ‘same’ stitch

Magic Circlean adjustable loop (or ring) technique that has a yarn tail that pulls to close, allowing the center hole to seal tightly closed.

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NOTE: The ch.3 will count as the first stitch in the round.

Complete Magic Circle, ch 3 ‘OR’ Complete Foundation Circle – ch 4, join with sl st in the first ch to form a ring, ch 3

Rnd 1: Place 11 dc into the magic circle (the ch 3 will count as your first dc), pull the circle close, sl st in the first dc to join. [12]


Rnd 2: ch 3, into the same stitch as the ch 3, 1 dc, 2dc into next stitch, 2dc, in the next; *repeat 2dc* in each stitch around, sl st in the first dc to join. [24]

Rnd 3: ch 3, 2dc next stitch, 1 dc, 2dc; *Repeat 1 dc, 2dc*, each stitch around, sl st in the first dc to join. [36] End with 2dc, in the same space

Adding Elastic for Regular Mouth Mason Jar

Rnd 4: ch 3, 2dc in next stitch, 1 dc, 1 dc, 2dc, 1 dc,
1 dc, *Repeat 2dc, 1 dc, 1 dc*, each stitch around, sl st in the first dc to join. [48] End with 1 dc

WIDE MOUTH MASON JAR (approx. 3.5”)

Rnd 4: ch 3, 2dc in next stitch, 1 dc, 1 dc, 2dc, 1 dc, 1 dc, *Repeat 2dc, 1 dc, 1 dc*, each stitch around, sl st in first dc to join. [48] End with 1 dc

Note: Rnd 4 will be the final increase round for WIDE mouth Mason Jar is approx. 3.5” across.

Adding Elastic for Wide Mouth Mason Jar

Measure elastic to fit around the top of the mason jar approx. 10″

Rnd 5: Attach elastic to the first st of the round, using a knot. Hold elastic while single crocheting in each stitch around. Tie together the starting elastic band with the ending elastic band to secure. Sl st in the first dc to join. [36]

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Frilly Trim/Border

Rnd 5 (or Rnd 6, depending on size): ch 3; 2dc in next stitch; 3dc in next, *Repeat 2dc, 3dc,* each stitch around, sl st in first dc to join [approx. 90- rnd 5 or approx. 120 rnd 6]


Using the yarn needle, weave in ends & sure up the magic circle.


Check out the video for visual instructions. Enjoy your Crochet Mason Jar covers.

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