Simple Crochet Blanket- Color Block with a Border

Simple Crochet Blanket

Tis the season for making fun projects for gifts…check out this Simple Crochet Blanket using a color block pattern. This is a thick and heavy weighted Crochet Blanket/Throw that is beginner friendly. This blanket is prefect to bundle up in on a cold evening.

I used Lion’s Brand Hometown USA Yarn in 3 different colors. Be sure to check out my YouTube for additional information. This blanket can be modified by using an even number stitches in the foundation chain.

Simple Crochet Blanket

Simple Crochet Blanket
Simple Crochet Blanket

Material Needed:

You made need:


Written Instructions

  1. Using Hometown USA super bulk yarn 6, make a slip knot.  Tighten around the hook.
  2. Chain (Ch) 68 chains (approx. 48 inches using the 10mm, N hook) Be sure not to pull your yarn too tight around your hook or it will be difficult to work the stitches in the foundation chain.

TIP: Using a larger crochet hook in the foundation chain can help to create larger stitches which may be easier to work with.

  1. Rows 2 – Skip 3 chains and place a Double Crochet (dc) in the 4th chain from hook and repeat the DC in each chain, all the way down the foundation chain.
    • Remember not to pull too tight or your chain will become too tight to work into effectively
  2. At the end of the row, chain (Ch) 1 and turn your work.
  3. Row 3-single (SC) stitch in the first stitch from the hook. Place a SC in every stitch down the row.
  4. Row 4- Chain 3 and turn your work. Place a double crochet stitch in all the stitches down the row
  5. Repeat row 3 and 4 until you achieve the desired length.
  6. The blanket can be finished at this point or you can complete a border
  7.  To create border complete dc stitch, in every stitch, around the entirety of the blanket
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*This blanket was found on Pinterest and has been modified. The yarn, hook, and size have been altered and a border was added to the blanket below. Please be sure to check out If you want to see the original version of this project.

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7 thoughts on “Simple Crochet Blanket- Color Block with a Border

  1. Hello I would like to ask a question I am new to crocheting I started because I needed someone to make some blankets for my first grandson and I could not find anyone to make me a blanket so I decided to come home and get on the internet on YouTube and I found your videos and I prescribed and been watching your videos every since. However when I crochet it always comes up short I undo it and do it again and it keeps coming up short even watching your videos I crochet it the exact same way you do but it keeps coming up short what am I doing wrong.

    1. I’m not sure I understand…. “coming up short”. Is the blanket short or is it shrinking into a v shape?

  2. I enjoy your tutorials very much. They are so simple and easy to follow. How many rows did you crochet with each color to get the look you achieved?

    1. Hello, to be honest I think I just created random blocks of colors based on the yarn that I had available. I started with the cream yarn work an entire skein and then used the brown yarn, worked an entire skein. Then I used 2 skeins of beige yarn and then 2 skeins of brown and then finished with 4 skeins of cream yarn. Completed a border, completed a round of beige and then a round of brown yarn. Used a total of 12 skeins, I believe. I hope this helps.

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