DIY Vinegar Cleaner Spray

Vinegar Spray

Natural Citrus Vinegar Cleaner

Vinegar Spray is not the end all, be all, but it’s a great start to a natural cleaning routine.


Vinegar approx. 3 cups (depending on your size container). You can use either white distill vinegar or apple cider vinegar to make this Vinegar Spray

These can be used in any combination or on their own
– Citrus peels — lemons, orange or any citrus fruit peel
– Herbs – basil, rosemary, mint
– Spices—Cinnamon Sticks, Cloves
Essential oils (optional)- A few of my favorite: Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, Lavender, Peppermint


Citrus Peels, Vinegar and Essential Oil to create Vinegar Spray
Citrus Peels, Vinegar and Essential Oil


– Mason Jar or Container with Lid

Spray Bottle



– Use a container/jar with a lid and one big enough to hold the citrus peels, spice and/or herbs.
– Pour vinegar to completely cover the ingredients (I saved enough peels to completely fill the mason jar) and I used approx. 3 cups of vinegar based on my 32oz Mason Jar
– Seal the Mason Jar tightly and let sit for at least 2 weeks (This will infuse the citrus peel or herbs with vinegar).
– Strain the vinegar solution into a spray bottle.
– Use equal part water to vinegar ratio (if you want a more diluted spray just add more water)
– Optional- Add essential oils (this will add additional fragrance to the vinegar solution) I used sweet orange and lemongrass.

This is a simple natural cleaner that is perfect for cleaning windows, glass, counter tops and evening removing the grease from stoves. With that said, vinegar has a very strong smell and of course, it will dissipate over time but this recipe will help mitigate the vinegary smell.  If you have natural surfaces such as granite, marble or any other natural stones do not use this vinegar spray, it can break down the stone and cause damage.

I also use this vinegar spray solution when I clean my color towels, it helps to neutralize built in odors and it helps bring life and fluff back to towels.

Vinegar Absorbs Odors in Towels
Colored Towels







*If the vinegar spray solution becomes cloudy or smells rancid be sure to throw it away.

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