Striped Crochet Blanket




Simple Striped Crochet Blanket

Check out this simple striped crochet blanket. This is an easy, cozy crochet blanket/throw that is created with the newest crocheter, in mind. A beginner-friendly crochet project that uses one stitch through the entire project.

This blanket is very plush and comfy and honestly, it works up really quickly. Combine a large crochet hook with a thick, bulky yarn and you’ll have a cozy masterpiece in no time.

I’ve created a YouTube tutorial that I hope is helpful. Scroll down to view the video tutorial.

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The size can be easily modified based on your needs.

Baby Blanket Sizes
Baby Blanket Sizes
Blanket Size Chart
Blanket Size Chart
Material for Easy Striped Crochet Blanket

Abbreviations (US Terms)

CH- Chain Stitch

HDC- Half Double Crochet Stitch

SL ST- Slip Stitch

TW- Turn Your Work

Yarn Color – A- Color 1

B- Color 2

C- Color 3



This project uses approximately 4 skeins of Bernat Blanket Yarn, the larger skeins (300g). Start the blanket and end the blanket with the same yarn color.

I purchased 2 skeins of yarn (the starting rows) in the same color.

This blanket is customizable, for a smaller blanket create a shorter foundation chain and fewer rows.

For a larger blanket, create more stitches in the foundation chain, and more rows.

Easy Crochet Baby Blanket

Written Instructions

  1. CH 70,  Color A

Be sure to not pull your yarn too tight around your hook or it will be difficult to work the stitches in the foundation chain.

2. Row 2 – 3rd stitch from hook place HDC in each stitch across, ch 1 TW 

3. Row 3-4, HDC in the first stitch, each stitch across, ch 1 TW.

Change Yarn, Color B

4.   Row 5-7, HDC in the first stitch, each stitch across, ch 1 TW.

Change Yarn, Color C

5.   Row 8-10, HDC in the first stitch, across, ch 1 TW.

Every 3 Rows,  change yarn color, alternating between color A, then Color B, then Color C.

6. Row 70 or when the desired length is met, HDC across, fasten off cut yarn.

Weave in all ends.

NOTE: The CH stitch will NOT count as the first stitch in the row. Be sure to complete an HDC in the last turning chain stitch.

Check out the video tutorial:


Ad-Free PDF Pattern

Using the Bernat Blanket yarn will allow you to create the coziest blanket. Depending on the time you spend creating your blanket you could have it finished in a few days.

I hope you enjoy making the simple striped cozy crochet blanket/throw as much as I did.

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    1. Hello! I used a 6.5mm (k hook) for the nylon dishcloth and a 5.5m(I hook) m when I completed the cotton dishcloth.

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