How to Crochet- Beginner’s Series

How to Crochet Beginner's Series
Some time ago I started making a crochet video series on, how to Crochet for Beginners.

One of my passion in life has always been to help people. I especially enjoy helping people in their infancy stage of a process or project. So with that in mind, I developed this mini crochet series of videos, How to Crochet for Beginners, designed to help the very beginner crocheters or those who stepped away from the craft and may just need a refresher.  

These videos are designed to get you started from, creating a slip knot, to creating a chain stitch, to even creating your very first single crochet stitch. My goal is to continue to grow this series. I hope to provide a basic understanding of the ever growing art of crocheting.

Understanding there is always multiple ways of getting something done. My goal is to offer assistance with learning the craft of crocheting.  If you can catch, what I am throwing, then perfect (This was my attempt at a baseball reference, Ha).

With some practice and effort, we can start creating beautifully crafted crochet projects; that will undoubtedly become your secret talent or well-known hobby.

Hopefully, this will be a refresher for some and a gift, which Keeps on Giving for many.  

Trust me, crocheting is like riding a bike, once you get the basics down, you will always remember. It is truly a wonderful hobby to keep your mind creating and your hands occupied.

No matter how busy the world becomes, the art of crocheting, knitting and sewing etc. really helps you connect to what is important in life. Learning, Creating and Sharing is one of my mottos and I hope you will find these videos helpful.

With that said. I’ve created a playlist, but I have also posted each video individually so you can just click on the stitch you need to learn or remember.

Many blessing to you!

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