Crochet Scrubbers| Dishcloths

Nylon Crochet Scrubbers

Crochet Scrubbers Dishcloths

Easy to create round crochet scrubbers dishcloths using a nylon yarn. These scrubbers are designed with a finger grip, to allow you to easily grip the scrubber while washing your dishes.  Scroll down for a free pattern. While nylon yarn may not be the standard yarn you are used to working with, it is easy to manipulate, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you are able to create these round scrubbers.

Nylon yarn, when added to natural fibers it improves strength and durability of the yarn. Nylon is great for its strength and elasticity.

While I still love using cotton yarn for my dishcloths, these round crochet scrubbers, using nylon yarn, add some variety to my household cleaning products.

Crochet Nylon Scrubber
Material Needed for Round Crochet Scrubbers Dishcloths

Yarn- Scrub-ology Scrub It Nylon Yarn

Crochet Hook- 6.5mm

Yarn Needle (Optional)



DC-Double Crochet

Ch – Chain Stitch

FPDC- Front Post Double Crochet Stitch

SL ST- Slip Stitch

Click here for an Ad-Free Pattern

These Instructions were created with the beginner crocheter in mind. These instructions may not read like a traditional pattern. The goal is for beginners to understand the written process.





Written Instructions:

Round 1:  Create a Magic Circle, Ch 3 (This will serve as your first stitch), create 7 additional DC stitches, in the circle. Using the tail end of the yarn, pull the circle together. SL ST 8th stitch to the first stitch (creating a full circle)









Check out this tutorial on how to Create a Crochet Dishcloth:

Easy Crochet Dishcloths






Round 2: Ch 3 (Place a total of 16 stitches around) 2 DC stitches in each stitch around.

Note: The Ch 3 will count as first dc stitch, you will create 15 additional stitches for a total of 16.

Round 3:  2FPDC each stitch around.





Note: Complete two FPDC stitches on each post around, (you will create a total of 32 FPDC stitches around)





Round 4: Slip Stitch around, finish off, cut and weave ends.

Enjoy your easy to create crochet scrubbers.


Check out the Video for Below for instructional video-



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